Received Certification for Good Company in Gyeonggi-do

On 6th, Gyeonggi-do announced that 13 company are certified as ‘Gyeonggi-do Good Company’ for endeavouring to realize social value such as local economy development, moral business, social contribution, and so on. ‘Certified Good Company Project’ was started in 2015, for supporting corporate social responsibility and creation of wholesome corporate culture.

Approxiately 13 companies are selected amongst the businesses sustaining their managemnet within a province, in each category of small and medium sized business and socioeconomic organization, by comprehensive assessment of 10 criteria index such as social contribution, local economy contribution, environment-friendly management and so on.

In 2021, Pau Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the “Good Companies in Gyeonggi Province” in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, breaking through a competition ratio of 5.5 to 1. FAU was selected as a Good Company in Gyeonggi-do, contributing consious enterprise culture and social development by realizing improving community development, social contribution, moral management.

Selected companies are entitled to have ‘Gyeonggi-do Good Company’ certificate sign board and trademark license for 3 years, and 18,000 thousand KSW will be given for each of them as a support for marketing, developing prototype, and business consulting.

Partaker from the province stated “Fulfilling corporate social responsibility is essential for establish righteous economy system and social justice” and “We will keep on endeavouring to realize spreading wholesome corporate culture and justice in public order”

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