FAU Inc. Ranked 1st Place for 5 Consecutive Years in 2021 Korea Customer Appraisal in the Fields of Cosmetics (BB Cream): 1st Rank in Korea Customer Satisfaction.

FAU Inc. has ranked 1st place in the 2021 Korea Consumer Appraisal in the field of Cosmetics (BB cream).
This marks the 5th consecutive time that FAU has won 1st place, a meaningful achievement, especially during these challenging times.

Maintaining its position at the top spot in the field of Cosmetics (BB cream) in the Korea Consumer Appraisal for five consecutive years, FAU is an esthetic cosmetics brand favored by skin care experts. Its products are also popular in clinics and spas.

This preference extends beyond Korea. FAU has expanded globally to 28 countries and is also appreciated by skin care experts and customers overseas, establishing itself as a global esthetic brand.

One of FAU’s main products is the Skin Solution line’s BB cream.
This cream provides a smooth and flawless skin appearance, with the texture adjusting to the skin tone over time for a brighter complexion.
It also contains centella extracts, making it suitable for sensitive or troubled skin.

FAU’s CEO, Mihwa Choi, expressed her gratitude, stating,
“It is a great honor to receive the 1st award in the Korea Consumer Appraisal for 5 consecutive years, especially during these challenging times.”
She added, “We will repay this honor by developing into a global brand and continue to work towards creating helpful and healthy cosmetics.”

Source: magazine.hankyung (https://magazine.hankyung.com/business/article/202111240583b)