Skin Science

FAU's Skin Science offers innovative skincare solutions that will enhance your beauty even further.

Innovative skincare

FAU's Therapy

A variety of skin care theraphy recipe personalized for your skin type

Based on 20 years experience of developing cosmetics for skin care experts,
we analyze various skin types and tailor theraphy recipes accordingly.



FAU´s Shiny Pumpkin Therapy contains natural pumpkin enzymes and AHA and BHA ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells and provide nutrition, so you can see amazing radiant effect with just one treatment.

Sensitive skin
Dull skin
Skin with large pores
Blackhead / Whitehead
Dry skin with lack of moisture

FAU's Research

A cosmetic with rich ingredients, highly active formulas, and fast results

We study and provide formulas containing highly active, rich ingredients enhancing skin improvement.

FAU's Quality and Technical Expertise

Qualities verified through clinical tests and technology showcased with newly patented ingredients

We showcase FAU's qualities and technologies through newly invented ingredients, supported by proven effectiveness demonstrated in clinical tests.


Patented EU DSM company´s SYNⓇ – HYCAN ingredient
Carefully selected prescription of ingredient
Patented Ingredient in USA, Europe, Japan, Spain, Canada, Germany, South Korea

The patented ingredient SYN® - HYCAN promotes the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin,
resulting in increased skin moisture, elasticity, plump.
Skin feels firm and elastic in few weeks, you can see the effect of “Anti-aging”
Use a product with 2.5% SYN® - HYCAN applied twice a day for a month (40~60s, 30 people) throughout the face

Anti-Aging Program proven by clinical test

No Irritation
Deeply Hydrating all 11 epidermal layers
Lifting Effect on Butterfly Zone
Visible Pore improvement
Anti-Aging Effects
Deeply Hydrating all 11 epidermal layers
[ 84% Improvement effects ]
Lifting Effects on Butterfly Zone
[ 7.3% Improvement effects ]
Visible Pore improvement
[ 8.5% Improvement effects ]