Selected for 2021 Hi Seoul Awards

The 12 products, including the Pau Skin Solution Star Cushion,
were selected for the 2021 Hi-Seoul Awards.

The Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards is Seoul City’s official certification system to introduce high-quality and
outstanding designed products from small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here are the products selected for the 2021 Hi-Seoul Awards:

– Skin Solution Star Cushion
– Skin Solution Cushion
– Skin Solution Star Cushion Silver Edition
– Pink Glow Skin Cushion
– Spotlight Whitening Cushion
– Skin Solution BB Plus
– Skin Solution Premium BB
– Real Shield BB
– Skin Solution Sunscreen
– Shiny Pumpkin Vegan Essence Toner
– Shiny Pumpkin Vegan Serum
– Shiny Pumpkin Vegan Cream