FAU Awarded $1 Million ‘Tower of Export’ on the 56th Day of Export

The medical spa cosmetic brand FAU, with Mihwa Choi as the CEO, has announced that FAU received a $1 million Export Tower at the 56th Day of Export ceremony, hosted by the Korea International Trade Association and sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

The award is given based on the yearly amount of exports from June of the previous year until June of the present year, recognizing businesses that contribute to expanding into foreign markets and increasing exports.

FAU has actively participated in overseas exhibitions and opened up markets abroad to establish itself as a quality home esthetic brand. Successfully exporting products to over 20 countries, including the USA, China, and Europe, FAU is now evolving into a global cosmetics brand. These activities led to the $1 million Export Tower award.

FAU has achieved certifications for 17 products, such as Shiny Pumpkin Cream or Shiny Pumpkin Repair Essence, to better penetrate the European market and increase export volume. It is aggressively working to enhance export competitiveness this year.
FAU has already achieved remarkable success by entering the global market and expressed its commitment to further expansion.
To achieve this goal, FAU is diversifying its distribution in the Chinese market, developing products suitable for global consumers, conducting exhaustive market research, and implementing marketing strategies tailored to local markets.

Mihwa Choi, the CEO of FAU, stated, ‘Since our global bestsellers are our innovative original patented products, the Skin Solution line’s BB Cream and Oxygen Treatment Essence, we will exert our best efforts to further develop more products using FAU’s remarkable technologies and expand into the global market.’

Source : siminilbo (https://www.siminilbo.co.kr/news/newsview.php?ncode=1065590582459516)