Skin Solution Line’s BB Cream Awarded for 2 Consecutive Years in COS’IN Bestsellers

FAU’s Skin Solution BB Cream, also known as the ‘BB cream for life’,’insane BB cream’ and moreover nickname from
cosmetic guru communnities, was selected as a ‘2018 Bestseller’ that is given to products that have been acknowledged by consumers for a year.

The ‘FAU Skin Solution BB Cream’ was honored to rewarded for 2 years in a row, continuing from the year of 2017.
The ‘FAU Skin Solution BB Cream’ is the bestselling product of the medical spa cosmetic brand FAU, with Mihwa Choi as the CEO. FAU is a medical spa brand for professional aesthetician to trobleshoot skin care concerns in clinic, spa, and aesthetics. Through extensive experience in esthetics and research and development (R&D), FAU has experienced remarkable growth, highly preferred in clinics and skincare centers. FAU’s skin solution BB Cream is multifuctional cosmetic with brighting, wrinkle-care and sun screen impact, caring multiple skin-problems all at once.

With Daily sunscreening impact (SPF37/PA++), it gives naturally clean skin look with fixing blur effect. Remarkable lasting impact, natural coverage, and long lasting for finishing texture covers spots or fleckles, pores and even care dry skin. It gives dewy radient skin with moisturizing over dry environment and help you stay with freshly-done makeup look for all day. The most specialized feature is that it’s safe to use even after special dermatological care due to its hypoallergenic ingredients, giving lively energy to skin with centella extracts. Preventing the need to use hands and keeping them clean, allowing you to apply the cosmetics wherever and whenever you want.

Recognized by esthetic shop experts, the ‘FAU Skin Solution BB Cream’ became FAU’s main product even without advertising.
Consumers highly praise the BB cream, referring to it as the ‘life-time BB cream’ or ‘Bangin’ BB cream.’ or ‘once you use it, you’ll never able to go back.’
popularity ‘FAU Skin Solution BB Cream’ is spreding to the global market. Especially in China, it is called as ‘Recover BB’ and ranked top 3 best-selling korean BB cream. Proving its popularity, over 1 million products were exported to China in 2018.

CEO, Mihwa Choi stated “the reason why FAU Skin Solution BB Cream is so popular is that consumer can get various skincare effect such as brighting, wrinkle care and more by using just a one product, while it also giving comfort and compact-ness providing no-need for fix-makeup with all-day lasting and puff applicator-in stick type container, enabling to use it at any time and place.” And she emphasized vision of FAU, saying “FAU’s Skin Solution BB Cream is FAU’s best-selling item that make us look forward upcoming years.” and “FAU’s Skin Solution BB Cream will expand into the global market by reserving online and offline channel in china, obtaining all authorized permission to bureaucratic requirements.”

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