FAU’s Skin Solution Line’s BB Cream Awarded and Selected in 2018 Hi Seoul Awards Innovation Brand

FAU, the medical cosmetic brand with Mihwa Choi as the CEO, has announced that
the ‘FAU Skin Solution line’s BB Cream’ has been selected as the ‘2018 Seoul Award Innovative Brand.’

The Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards is an official certification system of Seoul city designed to introduce products from small and medium-sized enterprises with high-quality and innovative design. Brands and products selected through SBA’s strict evaluations are guaranteed for their quality, since the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) serves as a supportive agency for small business owners, startups, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Seoul city promotes and supports marketing, advertising, and expansion into foreign markets for the selected products.

The ‘FAU Skin Solution line’s BB Cream,’ selected as the 2018 Seoul Award Innovative Brand, became FAU’s main product even without advertising after its release. Consumers in Korea and overseas highly praise the BB cream, giving it nicknames like “life-time BB cream” and “Bangin’ BB cream,” making it a beloved best-selling product.

The cream provides three functionalities: whitening, anti-wrinkle effects, and UV blocking, effectively addressing various skin concerns. When applied, the texture blends into the skin, providing a natural look. It applies smoothly and covers skin flaws with long lasting texture, boosting confidence all day.
Another special feature is that centella extracts are included in the ingredients, enhancing skin vibrancy. It is safe to use even after special dermatological care due to its hypoallergenic ingredients. The package includes puffs for convenient application, preventing the need to use hands and keeping them clean, allowing you to apply the cosmetics wherever and whenever you want.

Mihwa Choi, the CEO of FAU, stated, “We will put our best efforts into acknowledging FAU’s quality products in overseas markets, drawing on this experience of award as a backup.”

Meanwhile, FAU is a medical spa cosmetic brand used by skincare experts to address skin concerns in clinics, spas, and esthetics.
With extensive experience in esthetics and research and development about skin, FAU successfully produces quality skincare products. Clinics and skincare esthetics have praised the brand, contributing to FAU’s growth, as conveyed by the CEO.

In the ‘home care’ and ‘home esthetic’ market, FAU leads the Home Beauty care era by providing customers with a feeling akin to receiving a nice remedy in clinics or skincare esthetics, offering easy-to-use and highly effective products.

Source : news1 (https://www.news1.kr/articles/3508765)