Ranked 1st Place for 6 Consecutive Years in 2022 Korea Customer Appraisal

FAU announced that they won the prize of ‘2022 Korea Customer Appraisal’ in field of cosmetics (BB cream) for 6 consecutive years. The Korea Customer Appraisal was established to reward the commitment of companiee, selected directly by consumer as the company that stand out in each field through a fair survey.

FAU is an aesthetic cosmetic brand used by aesthetician in hospitals, spas, and esthetics. FAU is currently exporting to 31 countries around the world, and has become a global company that is well-known professional aesthetician and consumers in global market.

FAU’s Skin Solution BB Cream creates long lasting, smooth skin look, a naturally brightened skin tone, and a radient glow skin texture over time. Its special puff applicator-in container allows to use it neat without applying on hand. It can be used for sensitive or trouble skin as it contains Centella Asiatica Extract which is effective for soothing & calming.

Choi Mi-hwa, CEO of FAU Co., Ltd., said, “This valuable achievement of winning the 1st place in Korea Consumer Evaluation for 6 consecutive years is, all thank to fans that use FAU steadily with love and support. We will grow into a global company beyond korea domestic market, promoting the K-BEAUTY over the world with our superior product quality” she said.

Source: meconomynews.com (https://www.meconomynews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=73032)