FAU Participates in Hanam Honors’ Day: Being Appreciated for Contribution by Volunteering activities

FAU received an award from a Member of Parliament for its contribution to local society.

On December 21, 2023, the Korean aesthetic brand FAU announced its participation in Hanam City’s “The 6th Honors’ Giving Day and the Night of Volunteers and Supporters,” held on December 15th. At this event, FAU was honored for its significant contributions to local society by active donation. The event was cosponsored and supervised by the “the Society of Hanam City Public Welfare Support” and the “Hanam Misa Riverside Community Welfare Center.”
This event aimed to recognize volunteers and contributors who have dedicated themselves through donations and volunteer work, and to promote sharing culture in local community within Hanam city’s socially disadvantaged neighborhoods. The Minister of Health and Welfare, the Mayor, the Member of Parliament, and the Head of the City Council presented awards to 39 volunteers and contributors.

FAU has been donating hand sanitizers and cosmetic products to local socially disadvantaged people and has been created senior jobs. Since September 2020, FAU has donated approximately KRW 345 million (USD 249K) worth of products to the local society.
“We will continue to donate and contribute to bring hope to the local society,” conveyed the partaker from FAU.

Source: meconomynews.com (https://www.meconomynews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=85607)